Manoomin Lesson Plans

By , December 30, 2011

March 2012
Pots as Tools – B. Thompson
Diatoms – P.l Woods
Plant Macrofossils – C. Drake
Which Blades Are Best? D. Rhodes and C. Lindner

February 2012
Plant Macrofossils – A. Myrbo & C. Drake
Ojibwe Fingerweaving PowerPoint – L. Greensky
Fingerweaving – C. Olson
How Does a Windmill Work? – D. Rhodes and C. Lindner
Still Waters Silent Witnesses – C. Kowalczak

January 2012
Felted Pouches – Industrial Water Use Awareness, C. Olson
Water Quality and Stressors – C. Kowalczak
Pots as Tools – Phytoliths – B. Thompson
Cholera and Wild Rice – Breakenrridge
Macrofossils- A. Myrbo& C. Drake
Diatoms – A. Myrbo & P. Woods
Wind Energy/Which Blades Are Best? D. Rhodes and C. Lindner

March 2011
Bathymetric Maps and 3-D depth model of Joe Martin Lake -R. Breckenridge 3-4-11
Lake Superior Core Activity: student guide, teacher guide, core description – R. Breckenridge 2/4/11, 3/9/11
Snow Snake friction lesson 3/4/11- T. Ray
Vocab 3/4/11 – T.Ray

February 2011
Nemo Watershed Game 2/4/11 – C. Kowalczak

January 2011
Fluid Dynamics-Hydraulic Pet Racer 1/12/11 – C. Lindner, D. Rhodes
Nemo Watershed Game 2/4/11 – C. Kowalczak
Water Shed Use – C. Kowalczak

January 2010
Snow Snakes 1/12/10, 2/4/11 – C. Olson

General Information and terminology of manoomin wild rice study – A. Myrbo
Student Skills and Knowledge List 12/4/10 – A. Myrbo

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