April manoomin Studies Water and Presents Posters

By , April 21, 2013
Students and teacher, Mentors and Scientists Meet at April manoomin Camp

Students and teacher, Mentors and Scientists Meet at April manoomin Camp

The study of water is important for all of us. 13 Moons and the manoomin project joined together today to learn more about water quality issues as well as present manoomin and science fair student posters.


The day began with a water blessing  and song. Speakers included Nancy Schuldt from FDLRM. She spoke about the water quality issues and projects happening on the reservation. She will be heading out to Washington DC to discuss further the FDL impact studies on water quality as it pertains to the mining in northern MN as well as the health of the St. Louis River Watershed. She commended the students on their work and includes the information gathered in her presentations.

We also heard from tribal group from Louisiana that will talk about the water quality issues they are experiencing in the Gulf in particular since the Katrina and the bp oil spill. They also talked about the loss of land as it pertains to global warming and the sea water rise. Considerable study is on going.

manoomin and 2013 science fair students presented their posters to the public. Community members asked questions of the students. It is a good way to demonstrate what we have learned this past year as well as consider what we need to study in the future. Raffles were held all afternoon to encourage students and the public to talk. Students gave anyone who asked them a question a raffle ticket.

IMG_3136IMG_3128IMG_3120Engineering college mentors, Wayne and AJ, designed an engineering challenge. Our goal was to construct a tower made of raw spaghetti noodles and marshmallows.  The design of the tower was to provide the  tallest, strongest and best designed -best looking tower.  Everyone participated and did well! It was a great day for all.




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