Starting to Tell the Story with Comic Book!

By , November 24, 2013
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Mining Activity – November 2013

By , November 23, 2013

IMG_0686Non-renewable resources are limited. When it’s gone it’s gone. To better understand what a non-renewable resource is students “mined” a chocolate-chip cookie.

On an bird’s eye view picture of a landscape filled with trees, lakes, animals and plants (a mining area grid) students traced their cookie. With a toothpick  students “mined” the chocolate chips from the cookie. Students also outlined the area of the “crumbs”.

The goal was to extract the chips, not keep the cookie en tact. The strategies included: jamming the tooth pick into the cookie, crushing the cookies, chip broke, the tooth pick broke. Extracted chip totaled over 25/cookie.

Re claim the land using only the toothpick. Move chocolate chips and “cookie” back into the original circle of the cookie prior to “mining”. Do we think mining companies struggle with the same problem?

Discussion concerning the practices of mining and the financial gain to be made by the mining company vs. the affect on the landscape, water quality, plants and animals.

IMG_0682IMG_0673Reflection writing:

What was my original goal when I started mining the cookie? What difficulties did I have while mining my cookie?

If I were to mine another cookie what would my new goal be and why?

How is your experience similar or different than the goals and difficulties of reclaiming operations?

Give an example of a time you had to make a choice. What did you choose to do and what was the opportunity cost of that choice?



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