onaabani-giizis 2011 Middle Portage Lake

By , March 5, 2011

Lake Team 6 spent the better part of Saturday out on Middle Portage Lake. Two cores were drawn. Students took the cores back to the Natural Resources lab on the Fond du Lac Reservation to sieve the mud and view in the microscopes.

Snow Snakes

By , March 2, 2011

  Snow snakes are a traditional game that has been played by many generations wherever there is snow. Today competitions take place as far north as the Arctic Games. Local games have sprung up annually in Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin. gidakiimanaaniwigamig students worked to carve their own snow snake during the winter months of camp. They tested the velocity (and friction) their snake produced by pushing it into a track with a per-determined weight attached to a swinging arm.

Traditional games are not only used for gathering people together but to teach a skill needed for survival. Throwing the snow snakes sharpened skills for hunting and spearing as it taught patience, focus and team work. Students used traditional Mora carving knives as well as  tools to carve wild rice knockers to form their snow snakes. A light coat of polyurethane (and some suggest ski wax) will help the snake fly down the snow track.

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