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By , February 5, 2011

Coring crew

Examining cores from Lake Superior

Science Lab

namebini-giizis 2011 Sucker Moon (February) Students worked on a number of activities related to the Earth, Science, the Arts and Culture and Mathematics. Students worked in the Forestry Computer lab to present their findings. Students studied the geology of Lake Superior Glaciers. They also used their skills and knowledge of the Watershed to play a fun game. Lastly they continued working on their snow snakes sharing stories and better carving techniques.


biboon 2010 Lake Team 4 to LacCore

By , February 1, 2011

A number of tests need to be completed once a core has been collected. Students were trained and worked with grad students at the LacCore lab as they prepared and studied the cores. Once they had gathered their data the UM stores the cores for future study. Students worked for most of the day Saturday completing tests on the core collected a few weeks earlier on the Fond du Lac Reservation. Information is shared with the Natural Resources scientists. This work demonstrates to students that they could be part of the scientific educational community should they choose to do so.

Students clean up half the core before examining for macro-fossils.

Looking for diatoms and phytoliths with high power microscopes.

A surgical saw is used to cut open the plastic tube around the core.

Highly accurate color photo of core is helpful for remembering.

Moving the core carefully in a busy lab takes two.

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